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Our company,

Takis Zavrantonas & Sons Ltd, was established in 1999 and deals with cleanings of cesspits, septic tanks, catch pits and grease traps, cleaning and washing of pumping stations, pipe repairs with Patch Repair method, inspection of pipelines with specialized CCTV equipment. Since our establishment until today, we renew our fleet, presently having two (2) tankers with the highest efficiency pumps and powerful obstructive multipurpose machines suitable for emptying septic tanks and sewage pumping, two (2) High-pressure water jetting and Vacuum vehicles, An ADR Tanker for transport of hazardous waste, petroleum products, chemicals and contaminants and two pipe inspection systems (CCTV camera).

Areas of activity – services
• Sewage Cleanings
• Cleaning of Pumping Stations
• CCTV pipe inspections
• Hazardous waste transports
• Pipeline Rehabilitation
• Sealing manholes

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Premier Partners

We specialize in providing full service solutions using the latest pipeline technologies from the pioneers in the industry.


We have more than 2 decades of experience only in this field. Therefore you can trust us 100% for a solution to your request.


Our staff is constantly improving through educational seminars of the new technologies and methods available.

Our Team

conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends

Our Services

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  • CCTV – Pipe Inspection

    Through the past years, the inspection of the drainages’ condition has become an important feature for the management of sewages and of highways’ drainages. Researches that are being conducted pro

  • Corrosion Solutions

    Corossion is an ever-present concern for separator equipment and inspection shaſts. In separators, corrosion can result in serious operational and environmental hazards as well as liability concerns.

  • We are the saviours of planet earth

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  • Pipeline Rehabilitation

    The pipe rehabilitation systems are used to renew circular and non-circular gravity flow and pressure pipelines up to 1400 mm in diameter. The liners can negotiate up to 90 degree bends, and can accom

  • We think differently about how to solve

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