Pipeline Rehabilitation

Pipeline Rehabilitation

  • Pipelines1400 mm Diameter
  • Liners90 degrees bends

The pipe rehabilitation systems are used to renew circular and non-circular gravity flow and pressure pipelines up to 1400 mm in diameter. The liners can negotiate up to 90 degree bends, and can accommodate size transitions
and thickness changes. We offer complete solutions for the total rehabilitation of water and wastewater pipes with
add-on systems for lateral lining and sectional or point repairs. Our company uses a fast and selective method
for the reparation of any defective parts in the pipes.

It’s a tested, on the spot reparation of the system. The durability of the fiberglass against corrosion is an excellent tool for repairing and sealing pipes from cracks, leaks and corrosion.

The Resin and Fiberglass provide unparalleled structural strength, while its thin, tapered profile and smooth finish help maintain or increase flow capacity.

The CIPP (cured in place pipe) technology rehabilitates aging or damaged pipelines by constructing a new liner inside an existing host pipe. Some of the conditions that require CIPPrehabilitation include broken pipes, infiltration, and protruding connections. The materials we use have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and are very resistant in moisture.